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Jennifer Adekyn is a freelance concept artist, illustrator and animator in Atlanta, GA. She has always had a passion for character design, even as a young child. She dreamed of creating her own Disney film and spent much of her teenage years learning how to create stylized characters and animate them in traditional frame-by-frame techniques.

As an adult, reality hit hard and she was unable to afford a high end art school. She attended a community college for graphic/web design, learning about Adobe Flash and wowing her class with the character animations she created.

After some time selling computers and then processing mortgage loans to make ends meet, she became a freelance artist and web designer. She contracted with many companies with her varied talents, including Toolbox No.9. After many years of working together, she eventually took a full-time job at Toolbox as a web developer. She has worked for many clients such as Cartoon Network, Disney, VMWare and more.

Her passion for art was still calling her though, and when NFTs started to take off, she saw a new opportunity to chase her dreams. She went back to freelance and started selling her art. She co-founded a project called Kiki City, where she worked as an artist, creative director, game developer, community manager and more.

Today she works as a freelance artist and web developer, creating illustrations and commissions, and building websites for new projects. When she's not working she enjoys going for hikes with friends.